Briefs for Meeting of 19 AUG 2019

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August 19, 2019

There were 10 members in attendance.

A trip to the new National Veterans Memorial and Museum in Columbus has been set for Friday, September 20th. We will meet at Olivedale and leave at 09:00 hours.

Bill Reed contacted the person about the Logan Veteran’s Parade. More information will be sent out the first of October.

MVO members making visits to veterans at different locations. There is no regular schedule. Random visits will occur when possible.

The number of fund raisers and different types were discussed. The main thought was to have one per year. Bill Reed will see if Walmart would allow us to set up outside to collect donations. A sign with our Mission Statement would be displayed to explain how the money is used.

Bill asked if there was an interest in going to the Air Force Museum in Dayton. The date would be October 14th. Transportation will be determined later.

Next meeting will be September 16th at 13:00 hours.